Friday, April 18, 2008

They have shed their coats and jackets and gone out with their hair down, chins up, from the outer wards to the city center. Visitors surge through revolving doors and into downtown's blacktop tributaries, laminated maps in hand, backpacks bursting with essentials as they seek out sites, sights, in routes efficient.

At lunchtime, armies of heads bob north and south along Michigan Avenue at the zero point, all seeking sustenance, victuals, commemorative T-shirts and coffee mugs, snow globes. Noon sun draws bulbous shadows underfoot, which shadows slink around sidewalk cafés, over curbs and glistening white street stripes toward the Art Institute, Millennium Park, Bennigan's, where they disappear and their creators continue on to Grant Wood, Edward Hopper, Cloud Gate, Crown Fountain, Breaded Mozzarella Sticks and free refills.

Well-dressed men step out of cabs, extend hands to well-dressed women and hoist them onto sidewalks outside nascent gastro-pubs packed with crisp shirts, cufflinks, pendular earrings that reflect bursts of light onto passersby, lesser stars. Martini glasses come and go. Something shatters in the back and all have a groan and a laugh.

The warm wind bursts in—high dew points sweeten the smell. Hair in their eyes brushed back with curled fingers. Wet teeth glistening white like street stripes.

Shadows wait outside for their illusions.

Monday, April 14, 2008

• I started a new job two weeks ago. It's great so far—we're talking potential Dream Job territory. It's nice to feel energized by work again. It's also nice being able to wear jeans in the office.

• Lauren and I helped DaveG & Rebekah secure lodging here in Chicago, setting the stage for the Summer of Triumph. Tickets go on sale June 1.

• While I was out of work, I almost finished a short story. I rather like it, but it needs some work.

• Kickball is right around the corner. Sadly, we're no longer playing at Winnemac Park. Instead we have to go all the way out to Peterson Park. I guess that's OK though. What really matters is that we'll still be spending our Wednesday nights at Ravenswood Pub.

• Etc.